Hi I'm Raul Rincon - I'm a "True House Musician" & DJ and have been since 1986.

Thanks to the grand club cultures and their beautiful people I have been allowed to play music in over 30 countries around the globe. Discovering the world in tandem with my club adventures has introduced me to different cultures with their own ethnic sounds and aroused my love for Ethno Music.
Ethno elements have an afro vibe, a Caribbean feel, oriental atmosphere, a Latin flavour, a samba sensation, tribal drums or just soul. I love to incorporate these "World Music" ingredients in True House Music.

The spirit of my world music-flavoured club sounds should not only stir people's emotions but also create space in their minds giving them the chance of escaping from the daily grind and finding refuge in idyllic places with lots of sun.
That's why I call my style "Sunshine Music for Sunshine People".